About Owen’s Milk Money

Owen’s Milk Money is a memorial fund that supports nursing mothers.  The fund primarily works through the Lactation Clinic at Providence Hospital in Anchorage, Alaska.

In August 2010, we lost our dear 14- month old son unexpectedly after he suffered complications from a febrile seizure during a nap at daycare. He was an avid nurser, and nursed until the day he ended up on life support. We want his spirit and memory to live on by honoring his favorite pastime: breastfeeding.

Since September 2011, Owen’s Milk Money has:

Provided over $20,000 worth of breastfeeding supplies to families in need

  • Served an average of 12 mothers a month
    Supplies included nursing bras, breastfeeding pillows, nipple cream, herbal supplements to increase milk supply
  • Handed out copies of “On Mother’s Lap” to new siblings to celebrate their new role in the family

“Owen’s Milk Money has had such a tremendous impact on so many families.  These women feel so supported and cared for when we are able to help them get the supplies they need to breastfeed their babies.”  -Lactation Consultant

  • Provided Medela double electric breast pumps
  • High quality Medela Pump in Styles were provided to moms who needed to pump milk for their baby
  • Established relationships with Crossroads School and Covenant House
  • We have partnered with these programs to provide pregnant and parenting teens the supplies and support they need to breastfeed.

“Because of Owen’s Milk Money I was able to get the things I needed to breastfeed my baby.  Thank you to Owen’s family for thinking of this program.  I would not be able to buy these things if it weren’t for this program.”-Covenant House Teen

Donations gladly accepted at the Nursing Boutique or on-line: providencealaskafoundation.org  Click on donate now, choose amount, and designate Owen Harmon Memorial Fund

Owen’s Milk Money is also on Facebook